• Reyee AirMetro RG-ANT20S-90 Outdoor Antennas 90 Degree
    5,500.00 บาท
  • Reyee RG-AirMetro550G-B Station Wireless Bridge PTP PtMP Outdoor AP
    9,500.00 บาท
  • Reyee RG-AirMetro460G Wireless Bridge PTP PtMP Outdoor AP CPE
    11,500.00 บาท
  • Reyee RG-AirMetro460F Wireless Bridge PTP PtMP Outdoor AP CPE
    9,500.00 บาท

RG-AirMetro Series
Wireless Bridges


A Perfect Match for Different
Devices and Scenarios

Fast Pairing, One-Touch Pairing All in 30 sec, Antennas

Triple Devices, Beyond Triple Choices


  • AirMetro RG-ANT20S-90, 5 GHz, 20 dBi, H: 90°,V: 7°, 10 km

    AirMetro RG-ANT16S-120, 5 GHz, 16 dBi, H:120°,V:10°, 5 km

    AirMetro RG-ANT13-360, 5 GHz, 13 dBi, H: 360°,V: 7°, 2 km


Up to 32 PTMP Links


Extensive Coverage Without Fiber Connections


Affordable Excellence and Smooth Surveillance

AI Heatmap for Bridge

Your Real Outdoor Adventure Companion

Bridge Alignment Tool

Your Big-Voice, Time-Saver Guide

Available on both Ruijie Cloud and Ruijie Reyee App

Cloud, Make Your Business Easy

All-in-one Cloud

Quick SetupMonitoring based on Real, Complete TopologyIdentifying Issues by Auto-Alarm

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