Ruijie RG-EG3250 Unified Security Gateway 6 Wan Gigabit VPN Firewall L7 DPI

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Ruijie RG-EG3250 Unified Security Gateway 6 Wan Gigabit, VPN, Firewall, L7 DPI

Ruijie RG-EG3250 Unified Security Gateway 6 Wan Gigabit, 1 Port SFP+, VPN IPSecs, Firewall, Free L7 DPI Signature Update,, พร้อม HDD ขนาด 1TB สำหรับเก็บ Log การใช้งาน Internet, รองรับ 2,000 Users

Ruijie EasyGate (EG) Next-generation Unified Security Gateway is a multi-functional Cloud Managed Security Gateway product for various industries. Equipped with high-performance multi-core MIPS hardware architecture, the EG Gateway supports a wide range of features such as high-performance NAT, WAN load balancing, smart flow control, online behavior management, visualized IPsec VPN , web authentication, etc.

Taking advantage of integrated Hard Disk Drive (HDD), the EG Security Gateway can provide local storage for Internet activities logging, which is essential for National Internet Security Compliance in many countries.

Ruijie EG Next-generation Unified Security Gateway is also supported by Ruijie Cloud, altogether with switches and wireless access points, Ruijie Cloud can provide a comprehensive secure networking platform for centralized management allowing for device monitoring, configuration as well as firmware management.

For ease of provisioning, Ruijie provide an innovative Mobile App Dummy Provisioning for SME customers. In less than 3-min, user can complete the Gateway initial setup with Internet connectivity, without any PC setup or cable installation.

There are two models available for Security Gateway, RG-EG3250 & RG-EG2100-P v2.

Feature highlights of Ruijie EG Next-generation Security Gateway Series:

Smart Flow Control & AAA Integration

User Online Behavior Management 

VPN & Traffic Visualization 

FREE Cloud Management

App Caching for Download Acceleration 

Built-in Internet Audit Log Storage (EG3250)

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