H3C S1600V2-18P-GL L2 Ethernet Switch

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H3C S1600V2-18P L2 Ethernet Switch with 16*10/100/1000BASE-T Ports and 2*100M/1G SFP Ports

Model: H3C LS-1600V2-18P-GL

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Product Spec Datasheet H3C H3C S1600V2 Switch Series Hardware Information and Specifications-6W100

H3C S1600V2 Switch Series Web Configuration Guide

Support Installation Guide

S1600V2 Series - Support

01-Hardware Information and Specifications

H3C S1600V2 Switch Series (Wall Mounting) Installation Quick Start

H3C S1600V2 Switch Series (Rack Mounting) Installation Quick Start

H3C S1600V2 Switch Series Hardware Information and Specifications

H3C S1600V2-18P L2 Managed Switch 16 Port Gigabit, 2 Port SFP Gigabit รองรับ VLAN 802.1q, DHCP snooping สำหรับงานกล้องวงจรปิด CCTV IP Network และอุปกรณ์ไอที

Feature Function Spec: Datasheet 

H3C Network Switch fro CCTV IP Solution

In the field of Ethernet, H3C has obtained numerous intellectual property rights and technologies through years of research and development. With a range spanning ten series and hundreds of switches, H3C's options cover your needs from core to user access. All products run on H3C's Comware OS, providing a unified command interface that greatly simplifies the configuration of products.

To further reduce customer's IT maintenance and allow them to focus on IT strategy and deployment in the local and regional markets, H3C has continuously provided innovative products and solutions. H3C has launched commercial switches for the campus's commercial scenario, configured different security and management policies for the resources that users/businesses can use in the commercial scenario, and developed different products for different scenarios.

To focus on local and regional markets, H3C will continue to launch commercial-focused products and solutions and lead innovative IT products in the commercial field for new market opportunities.

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