H3C S1600V2-26P-HPWR L2 Cloud Managed POE Switch

รหัสสินค้า : H3C LS-1600V2-26P-HPWR-GL


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H3C S1600V2-26P-HPWR-GL L2 Ethernet Switch with 24*10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+ Ports and 2*100M/1G SFP Ports

Model: H3C LS-1600V2-26P-HPWR-GL

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Product Spec Datasheet H3C H3C S1600V2 Switch Series Hardware Information and Specifications-6W100

H3C S1600V2 Switch Series Web Configuration Guide

Support Installation Guide

S1600V2 Series - Support

01-Hardware Information and Specifications

H3C S1600V2 Switch Series (Wall Mounting) Installation Quick Start

H3C S1600V2 Switch Series (Rack Mounting) Installation Quick Start

H3C S1600V2 Switch Series Hardware Information and Specifications

H3C S1600V2-26P-HPWR-GL L2 Managed POE Switch 24 Port Gigabit,2 Port SFP Gigabit รองรับ VLAN 802.1q จ่ายไฟ POE/POE+ 24 Port มาตรฐาน 802.3 af/at สูงสุด 370Watt สำหรับงานกล้องวงจรปิด CCTV IP Network และอุปกรณ์ไอที

Feature Function Spec: Datasheet

Rich port types

All series support “Ethernet port + optical port” combination, adapting to various scenarios of networking needs, convenient and flexible networking;

All ports are equipped with line speed forwarding capability to meet the needs of different users.

Reliable Security Policy

Supports broadcast storm suppression to prevent excessive broadcast packets from being sent from other ports of the switch, which in turn affects the network.

Supports black hole MAC address configuration to filter out illegal users and safeguard network security.

Easy-to-use network management

Cloudnet and intelligent Web management functions fit smart and easy managing demand , the page is simple and easy to operate, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Fast network for quick project creation

Supports automatically obtaining IP address from gateway and connecting to external network without configuration.

Green Design

The S1600V2 series switch implements a variety of green energy saving features, Energy-saving design significantly reduces the power consumption and failure points of the equipment, and at the same time reduces radiation to meet the radiation standards of household appliances, which is harmless to the human body;

The entire product meets the EU RoHS standards for environmental protection and safety of materials.

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