H3C WA6120H WiFi-6 Wall-Plate Cloud Access Point

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H3C WA6120H WiFi-6 Wall-Plate Cloud Access Point

Model: H3C WA6120H

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Wall-Mount series AP uses the international standard wall plate design. Installing an AP is just as simple as installing other switching panels. All it takes is 5 steps in less than 5 minutes which effectively accelerates the wireless network deployment process.

Operating mode

The built-in all-in-one version of the WA6120H AP enables the switching of operating mode as required, to save the implementation costs and is usable upon unpacking.

Fit AP mode

The WA6120H supports the Fit AP mode and can be managed by the wireless controller equipped with the Comware system. In this networking mode, the user can locally manage the APs in batches.

Cloud AP mode

WA6120H supports H3C Cloudnet solution that enables wireless networking without hardware AC and authentication server. It can perform authentications via PSK, Portal, SMS, and WeChat. Customized development is implemented for multi-branch scenarios such as hotel chains and supermarkets, enabling features such as easy deployment, hierarchical and decentralized management, smart large screen at headquarters, and customized configuration templates. The Cloudnet smart O&M platform enables users to grasp the status of wireless devices, networks, and terminal devices, and allows for simple management and O&M.

Smart O&M

The visualized, measurable, and auto-optimized H3C smart O&M system facilitates operation and maintenance and saves labor costs.

Wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS)

Radio resource management (RRM)

Roaming optimization

Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA)

Spatial reuse (SR)

Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (TWT)

H3C WA6120H is a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) wall-plate access point (AP) individually developed by New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (H3C). It can be widely applied to scenarios such as enterprises, schools, and healthcare.

The AP adopts a dual-band and four-stream design with a maximum access rate of 1.775 Gbps. For 5 GHz radio 2 spatial streams, the maximum negotiation rate is 1.2 Gbps. For 2.4 GHz radio 2 spatial streams, the maximum negotiation rate is 0.575 Gbps.

The AP features flexible installation methods, including 86×86mm panel mounting, wall mounting, and ceiling mounting




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